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Your South Florida – Equal Pay for Equal Work

Women are the primary breadwinners in almost two-thirds of U.S. households, yet gender pay inequality sees them earning .78 for every dollar a man earns. Hoping to close this wage gap, Women’s Fund Miami-Dade has launched a new campaign – “Equal Pay Miami-Dade”. Women’s Fund Board Chair Janet Altman joins us to explain how this [...]

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The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade launches Equal Pay Miami-Dade

By Debbie Korge, Executive Director, The Women's Fund Miami-Dade Dear Friends, We hope this message finds you and your loved ones in good health and enjoying your summer! I am pleased share the news with you, our long-time supporters, about The Women’s Fund’s new campaign:Equal Pay Miami-Dade. Because you have been an integral part of our [...]

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Pay women equally, and we will cut poverty in half in Miami-Dade

By Janet Kyle Altman, Board Chair, The Women's Fund Miami-Dade More than 20 percent of women in Miami-Dade County live in poverty. That’s more than a quarter million women. Many of them are single, working mothers, struggling to put food on the table for their families. That’s not acceptable. You know these women: the janitor [...]

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